There is a lot to consider when selecting items for a room. How will you move through the space, how do you want it to feel, what furniture will you need?  How can you layer color and pattern, texture and form to appeal to all the senses?  Beauty and comfort go hand in hand, and quality upholstered seating is essential.  But not everything has to be new and expensive.  Often the charm is in the mix.  Existing items can be refinished and repurposed.  High and low, new and old.

Sacris Design has sources for it all, from artisan crafted casegoods to unique vintage finds.  Guided by an in-depth understanding of traditional craftsmanship and insight into today's resources, Jenn Sanborn can help you make the best choices within your given budget.

Direct relationships with manufacturers provide incredible value for our clients, resulting in great products for less than a retail cost. 
Fabrics, furniture and accessories are brought together to create spaces you can feel completely at home in.


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